Meet Our Team – Amber Haeberle, CPA

Amber became part of RBC in 2022 and brings over seven years of experience to her role of Audit Manager. She specializes in work within the construction and not-for-profit industries. A detail-oriented professional, Amber focuses on ensuring that the quality of work produced by her team is of the utmost accuracy. She works closely with her clients to ensure they gain confidence in the services provided by her team and the firm, further build relationships, and offer guidance as needed.

Amber lives in Killeen with her husband, their four sons, and their golden retriever. In her free time, she loves traveling, exploring nature, and taking in live entertainment like concerts and rodeos.

1)     Favorite show(s) to stream:

a.      This is difficult! I’m currently binging Grey’s Anatomy (again); but I enjoy Survivor, baking/cooking competition shows and shows like Madam Secretary, House, Station 19, Good Doctor, New Amsterdam and similar.

2)     What is your favorite part about working at RBC?

a.      The people – without a doubt. Be it clients or coworkers, there are amazing people all around us here!

3)     What is the one thing, you can’t live without?

a.      My family! (I know it’s not technically one thing; but roll with it!) My husband and kids are the driving force behind what I do every day.

4)     What professional accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?

a.      Getting my CPA license within my first year of my public accounting career. I set my goals out and accomplished them.

5)     What would you be doing if you weren’t in Accounting?

a.      That’s a loaded question….did I hit the lotto or just choose another career? If I hit the lotto, I’d travel with my family full time! If it were another career; it would be something where I can continue to help and serve others in a medical setting (human or animal) more than likely.

6)     What’s something that may surprise people to know about you?

a.      Cooking is one of my least favorite activities!

7)     If you could pick one person to be your mentor (living or dead, fictional or real), who would you choose?

a.      Harry Potter – in the face of every adversity thrown his direction, he always found a way to persevere and overcome to achieve his goals and to help others above all else.

To learn more about Amber, vist her page by clicking here.

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